Monday, 16 July 2012


Here I sit with  my family, sounds all cosy and the perfect picture postcard scenario, but as I type, my wife types, my son types and my other son types. We spend our time together, looking down and conversing with all our friends. Some friends we have never met and may never meet. Who are these people we chat to? What are their likes and dislikes? I don't know, but I like their posts, their pictures, their comments. Does that mean I know them? Do they know me? Can you have a decent conversation online? Or an argument? Can you laugh together? Cry together? Be together? I can share my pictures, my stories, my points, but can I really share me on a screen? Words on a screen to exprees myself seems so false, but the spoken words are my feelings and views there and now.
LOL is used a lot, but to laugh out loud with you beside me, means you really know how I feel. A flash of your pearly whites leaves me with a memory, where a smiley face leaves me confused and trying to work out what it represents. If I'm sad, comfort me, hold me, reassure me, tell me what you think. Don't type AWWW!!! If I'm happy, be happy with me, for me, hug me, high five me. Don't type it, show me. Shout at me. Be against me. Argue with me. Laugh with me. Look me in the face and be with me! We are all social animals not social network animals. Everyone needs someone, but someone can't be with you if they are not with you

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