Sunday, 29 July 2012

Picture it

There are beautiful pictures of landscapes and scenery, people and animals, buildings and landmarks online, that we view every day but what's better than stepping outside and experiences all these things yourself? How many of you have strolled down the road and looked around you? Look at the faces, the buildings, the sky, the land around you. There's a story there somewhere. Maybe you are the story! Why not just make a new memory for you and whoever you share the experience with? How many times have you heard 'Remember the time .... Or remember when' It's time to create another 'remember the time' You are your own memory stick or hard drive. Have you ever smelled something and it reminds you of something or someone? Someone says something and it triggers a memory? People don't appreciate what they have? I don't mean what's in their pocket, bank account, possessions or personal items. Look out your window there's a big old world out there, just waiting for you. Outside is where all the action is, not in front of tv screen or computer screen. Grab your family, friends, dog or just yourself and fill your lungs with some fresh air and your head with some memories. Take your own beautiful pictures and then stick them online, and let other people look at them.

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