Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Message sent

Has the used of common words and language died ? Have we lost the gift of script? I know some words are quite difficult to spell, but when I read some texts or messages I'm lost. I remember when I was younger learning what abbreviations of major organisations meant.( S.P.C.A.- F.B.I. - W.W.F. and so on) Now you got WTF - LMAO - GR8 - OMG. Have we just got so lazy when we want to write to people? It's like looking at a coded message that needs deciphering. Imagine reading  Shakespeare's classics ' O Romeo, Romeo! Where4 art u, Romeo' or ' 2B 0r not 2B, dat is d ? '  The Bard would turn over in his grave!
I am not a lover of texting people, I find it so impersonal . I think talking to someone expresses your true feelings, it's easier to read a persons tone of voice than a jumble of letters and numbers. how many times have you said to someone 'What's wrong? I can hear it in your voice.'  It doesn't come across as good in a text message. Anyway, by the time I've written a text on my mobile and sent it, waited for an answer, replied
a few times with short answers, I have just lost 5 minutes. Where a call would have lasted 30 seconds! What's better, 15 minutes of tapping on a keypad or 5 minutes of conversation with a loved one? I know what I would pick!

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