Monday, 16 July 2012

Now and Then

What happened to the days when we only had a few channels on the gogglebox, we had to chat. Whether it be about your day, little Jimmy's tantrums or any mundain topic. Remember your mothers gossiping over the garden fence to the neighbours while hanging up the washing. Dads doing the gardening and chatting with other dads about cars , money ,work, football and her indoors. You knew most of your neighbours by name or by how they treated you.
Now we have hundreds of channels to choose from 24/7 and the only chatting is online. Walk down the street, look around, do you know your neighbours ? The garden fences have got higher,Mom wants her privacy. Dad races off to work and rushes home , laptop on, all he can handle online about cars, money , work , football and her online. Little Jimmy's off with his friends and their blackberrys.
How many times have you been with people and there's one , two maybe even three of them tip-tapping on their mobile?Maybe that's you. Status update?So what if you are in Rico's having coffee with whoever! Tweeting? Who ever you are following, they don't care who you are! Texting? Commenting? Come on put the bloody thing away. Lets talk, laugh, snigger, lets put the world to rights. Look at the faces around you, they are why you are here, not the fool  2000 miles away you've never met.
Technology keeps changing but the spoken word never does, You don't need a degree or instructions to talk. We've been doing it for a while now, so let's keep it alive. It doesn't need charging or updating but it only needs you and me to create a coversation. Say hi to a neighbour, smile at a child, wink at a girl or boy, you never know you may make a new friend ( not a requested one) .

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